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I am a highly professional leadership and management coach. I work primarily within the apprenticeship and corporate training arena.



I have created this page with the primary function of sharing my thoughts and opinions about a variety of topics that interest me. 


None of the information or opinions I share here are the thoughts or opinions of the companies I may work with or have worked with in the past. 


I have created this site mainly to share my thoughts on topics I enjoy or have found useful throughout my career. Some of these may also be from personal experience. 


Any health and nutritional information I share here are what I have used or tried - they are not to replace any medical advice you may have been given. 


5 Steps to Supercharge Your Referrals

It is no secret that “word of mouth” or referral business is one of the most effective ways to bring in new clients while strengthening relationships with your existing customer base. But even though it is compelling and virtually free (or, at most, costs very little), very few business owners or coaches use it anywhere near its potential!

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